PEERS: Professional, Education, Enhancement, Referrals, and Support is a group of business women who either own or belong to established and diverse companies in the Corvallis, Benton County area. Our companies range from in-home businesses to corporate companies with very large customer bases. Whatever the type of business, each member represents a unique area of expertise that they bring to the group.

PEERS was developed to foster an atmosphere for local women entrepreneurs and business owners that enriches their businesses and personal lives. PEERS promotes member businesses through networking. Members of PEERS meet weekly to showcase their businesses in both 10-minute presentations and round table 30-second commercial formats. Familiarity with one another’s businesses is an important part of being a PEERS member, as referrals from fellow members help our businesses to be successful. Presenting our businesses also helps fine-tune our presentation and marketing skills.

PEERS is led by appointed committee members. There is a small annual membership fee to join.