Join Us

Membership Benefits:

  1. Get referrals!
  2. Develop “elevator speech” skills!
  3. Presentation opportunities!
  4. Leadership opportunities!
  5. Meet business owners for networking!

PEERS membership policies include:

  1. This is a referral organization. Members are encouraged to make referrals of each other’s businesses.
  2. Meetings are weekly on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Only 9 meetings can be missed per year.
  3. Members can have a co-member. Either party attending counts as attendance.
  4. At each meeting members have 30 seconds to introduce themselves and their business.
  5. At each meeting members will announce any referrals made that week.

Joining Fee: $25
Annual Fee: $60

If you are interested in becoming a member, please note the following process:

  1. Attend two meetings.
  2. Fill out the applications and review the PEERS handbook.
  3. Application will be reviewed for conflicts of interest. Only one member per industry is allowed, so denial of membership is due to duplication of industry, or overlap of side-business between existing members.
  4. Once application is approved, payment instructions will be sent.
  5. Once payment is received you are an official PEERS member!