New Media for PEERS Corvallis

Well it’s been an interesting day hasn’t it? Here it is, 4:30pm and we’ve had TWO very heavy down-pours of HAIL! I guess that’s what we can expect here in Corvallis… expect the unexpected.

Today we’re bringing our web presence up to date with this new blog that will also serve as our webpage. WP is having some technical glitches today so the header image is the one that came with the theme. Hopefully we’ll be able to showcase some of our own lovely scenery in the header space very soon.

What is PEERS? In a nut-shell PEERS is a ladies business group for the Corvallis, Benton County area. We’re catagorically exclusive, which means that there can only be one of each profession in the group. This eliminates inner-competition and allows the group to maintain a space where we can focus on being P.rofessional, continuing E.ducation, encourage business E.nhancement, freely give R.eferrals, and give eachother S.upport {PEERS}. We meet every Thursday morning at 7:30am. If you’d like to know more about our meetings visit the PEERS Meetings page. We’re always looking for new members. Currently we especially interested in members that would fill the categories of: hair stylist, esthetician, retail {clothing}, florist, and restaurateur.

We’ll be posting weekly after our meeting to share what we learned about each others businesses, new members, and any specials our members are running.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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