PEERS Meeting | June 14

Woo! Summer is ramping up and for a lot of us that means MORE business 🙂

Our meeting began, as always, with introductions + 30-second commercials. Karen announced that KidSpirit starts in just ONE WEEK! …if you have any kiddos that need positive, safe, and fun activities for the summer KidSpirit is the place to be. Peg W. at Pathfinder Travel is noticing a younger demographic using her services. How do you know if you’re actually getting the best bang for your travel buck? Let Peg work her travel magic for you! Oni {Balance Point Acupuncture} + Joni {Essentially Healed} know that it’s allergy season in the Willamette Valley and that means discomfort for many of us. Talk to one or BOTH of them for natural and effective way to manage your allergies. Chris at Valley Eye Care reminded us that VEC has extended hours for all you folks working a 9 to 5 and to remember to protect your eyes with sunglasses {…now that the sun is back!}. Do you know who you’re doing business with? Who’s handling your money? Peg O. at Citizens Bank encourages everyone to thoroughly research the business and protect your finances.
We had a smaller group this week as we were missing Kate, Julie, Tara, Amy, AND Lora.  …miss you.
Our speakers this week were Lori with Thank You People and Anne Fahy with Remax-Integrity.

Lori has a special gift. Her way with words is unmatched. So it only makes sense that she own and operate a greeting card business. “People need to be encouraged…”, she began and reminded us that receiving a card in the mail can make all the difference in our business and personal relationships. She also has some tips for making it easier on yourself. 1. Have a nice selection of cards. Range them from ‘Thank You’ to sympathy; congratulations to happy birthday; or just something to make someone smile. 2. Keep stamps and your address book with your cards. 3. Have a really good pen to write with. It’s funny how a pen can make such a big difference in how and how often we’ll write someone.  Over the years Lori has never raised her prices (wow!) AND all the proceeds go to local charities and non-profits like South-Side Youth Outreach, Love Inc., and more. Lori will also customize a card for you… Pick a photo from her collection and write your own verse to go inside! Thank You People cards are available for purchase in local retail stores like Rice’s Gift & Pharmacy and The Book Bin.
Anne Fahy had an announcements for our group then opened the floor for a Real Estate Q&A. Anne was VERY happy to tell us that her daughter is going to join her in Real Estate as a member of her team at Remax. This is something that she’s been wanting for years now and it’s finally the right time. Her daughter will also join us at PEERS as Anne’s dual member. Yay! During the Q&A she talked about why sometimes homes sell in pockets… why houses on one street will sell like hot-cakes, but just two blocks over they sit for months. She talked about the importance of staging your For-Sale-Home to make it feel more welcoming and presentable to potential buyers. We’re very lucky in Corvallis that our housing market didn’t get hit as hard as some areas of the country in recent years – it did go down for awhile, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This is partially due to the University and the constant need for housing by new and returning students. Many parents will buy a house for their student to live in while they attend OSU, then sell or rent it after they’re finished. Although this does mean that the sell-ability of a property can depend on its proximity to campus. But we’re moving forward in Corvallis! Businesses are hiring, Oregon State is enrolling more students, and this only means good things for Anne Fahy and Real Estate. 🙂
Until next week…
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