PEERS Meeting August 30th

This month we have 5 Thursdays which means that today we had our “OOPS” {Other Occupations and ProfessionS} meeting. Many of our members are involved in businesses other than the one they represent at PEERS and non-profits. Our OOPS meeting is a place for us to talk for 5 minutes to each other about those activities.

…But first our 30-second commercials.

Mary from Drs. Bugni, Laster, and Jensen’s office reminded us that their office understands that sometimes your dental needs can’t wait until the next business day… or maybe even until the morning. Patients are welcome to call their home numbers in the case of a dental emergency {which I did last night… I was ok to wait until the morning, but I didn’t know that for sure. Dr. Jensen saw me first thing this morning without hesitation. THANK YOU!}. Anne {Remax Integrity} shared that when she’s working with you to sell or buy a house she’s not just your Realtor, she’s also your advocate; looking out for your best interest at all times. Tara announced an open house at the State Farm office of Jeff Mills on Sept 8th from 11am-1pm. Stop in and meet Jeff. 🙂 Peg O. and her team at Citizens Bank are ready to start ordering ‘new money’ for the holidays. If you’re giving cash this year let them know  how much and get fresh, crisp, clean bills! Oni {Balance Point Acupuncture} is surprised how many people are still suffering from allergies so late in the summer. But she’s happy to make them feel better. Acupuncture is also helpful for summer cold and flu… yuck. Nadine {Gluten Free RN & RN On-Call} is also your advocate. As a nurse and healthcare professional it is her mission to make sure you get the best care with the least medication. Chris from Valley Eye Care shared an article about being aware of what you’re buying online {with respect to glasses and eye care}. It’s not always as cheap as you think. Karen {KidSpirit} announced that the Girls On The Run garage sale last weekend raised over $5,000!!! Yay!!! Also it’s time to register for fall gymnastics for kids K-12. Ilene {A&S Accounting}reminded us that if you get a nasty letter in the mail saying you owe penalties to the IRS to give her a call. Often times she can get some or all of them removed. Lora shared that during Sept all baby stuff with Initials Inc is 50% off! And Initials Inc was featured today on Good Afternoon America. They featured some of their products and those will be available today at 50% off.  You can shop Lora’s website at  The sale is only for 24 hours! Amanda {Amanda Photographic} is gearing up for family portraits this fall. There’s also still times available for her Back-to-School mini sessions. Learn more and sign up here. And Peg of Pathfinder Travel let us know that it’s never too early to start planning your next trip. …and it’s apparently never too early or late to call her. 🙂

We are excited to welcome our newest member Elaine Forrest of Simply Home Professionals LLC. Elaine is a general contractor that specializes in remodeling and sprucing up your home. She is particularly fond of stripping wallpaper and helping her clients with colors palettes. Welcome Elaine. Yay!!! We’re also excited to see Jacque Dunham {Jacque Sews}, who’s visiting again this week. Hopefully she’ll be ready to be a full member next week.

UPDATE: Julia Waterhous’ documentary project “Don’t Waste People” is nearing the end of its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. At this moment she has only $462 left to raise {in order to receive the other $8,288 that has already been pledged} by 9:30AM on Monday September 3rd. To learn more and donate to this AMAZING project visit her Kickstarter.

OOPS Speakers:

Amanda {Amanda Photographic} shared some insight into facebook and how to make it work for your business. She manages 8 pages for local businesses, plus contributes photography to 4 more. A quick tip is to post a picture with your text information. People are more likely to notice and respond to images than text alone. The more interactions you have the more you audience will grow.

Joni {Essentially Healed} shared the book by Michael Port “Book Yourself Solid” and some of the philosophies behind his business/marketing strategies. It boils down to the fact that there are people each business is meant to serve. Trying to serve and market yourself to EVERYONE is a waste of time and resources, because not everyone wants or needs your service. I could go on and on, but this is a blog, not a novel. Peg O. also highly recommends this book.

Shelley {Alta’s Antiques and Collectibles} updated us on the Heart of the Valley Birthing Center that she, with others, is working to open. Corvallis really has two options for delivering a baby: Hospital or Home-Birth. For some women neither of these options are what they want and the Birthing Center would be a middle-ground alternative. There is a possible partnership in the works with the Benton County Health Dept. They are currently fund raising, looking at spaces to house the center, and offering bi-lingual “Mama + Baby” support group classes.

Peg O. {Citizens Bank} shared two topics. 1. Puttin’ on the Pink. A breast cancer awareness and education event on October 10 at the LaSells Stewart Center & Corvallis Public Library. There’s a lot of GREAT information so please go check them out here. Peg also talked about the Trillium Farm Home School Building. It will officially open in December with room on the second floor to host conferences, meets, etc. Peg is going to update us as soon as she has info on cost to rent, size, and accommodations. This fully renovated space is in need of volunteers. Anyone interested can contact Cheri Galvin at:

Lora {Initials Inc} shared about Soroptimist International. The local chapter offers support to girls and women in our area. SI hosts a “Career Closet” of gently used professional clothing for women. Working with other support groups like Altrusa International, CARDV, Vina Moses, LOVE Inc and more this closet helps women have the clothes they need for interviews and getting started at work.  SI also gives boxes of comfort and support items like journals, chocolate, tea, candles, etc. to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Our local chapter gives out about 15 of these boxes EACH MONTH. Funding for these boxes and other SI activities is raised through their annual Spring Tea & Auction.

Karen M. {Heilig, Misfeldt, and Armstrong LLP} had a simple message for us today: Don’t put off your estate planning. GET IT DONE! “Oh, but I don’t have an ‘estate’.” …if you own anything {car, business, inventory, etc.} you have an estate. DO IT!

Lastly Nadine {GF RN & RN On-Call} talked about Health Care for All Oregon. They are marching on the capitol on February 4h. Wear a red T-shirt. Meetings are held every month and all are welcome. The basic message is that the US is the only industrialized country that has for-profit health care, that we’re the only country were people go bankrupt because of their medical bills, and that quality health care is a basic human right.

Next week is our business meeting…

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