PEERS Meeting : April 4th

Good Morning 🙂

Today was our monthly business meeting and it was clear that the couple weeks of sun has made us all Vitamin D crazy. …except that it’s soggy out today. Oh well, this is Oregon after all.

Amy {Care Free Massage} was in charge of the meeting today, since out President, Peg Obrist, is out of town. Amy shared with is the amazing difference even a 10 minute massage can make in a person’s day, mood, and brain chemistry. She can come to your home or office for appointments, or can meet with you at Oni’s {Balance Point Acupuncture} studio. Moving into Oni’s commercial she’s still offering the 20 minutes, 2 pins, for $20 special… which also comes with some light hand or foot massage. Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment for all the seasonal allergies that are starting to come around. Mary {Dental Office of Drs. Bugni, Laster, & Jensen} encourages everyone to go to their dentist for regular check-ups. Even if you know you need a lot of work and are worried about it, having a professional keep an eye on the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth is very important to your overall health. Lori {Thank You People} is in the business of encouraging people through greeting cards. You can find her cards at Rice’s Gift & Pharmacy and the Book Bin. Rice’s prides themselves on being very customer service oriented. Bonnie & Stefanie are there to ensure a positive experience and that you’re confident with your OTCs and prescriptions. Nadine {GF RN/RN On-Call} shared that NPR was airing a program on Applegate Meats, which uses no added antibiotics or hormones, and on the topic of “Are Antibiotics in Meat Breeding Super Bugs?” This program aired at 10am EST, but you can find it here. Need some new graphic design work for the new season? Julie {Tobias Weiss Design} is always bursting with ideas for your business! Amanda {Amanda Photographic} is excited to host a portrait weekend while she farm sits in Kings Valley over Memorial Day Weekend. You can find more information here. …a chance to pet bunnies, chickens, and a corgi included. 🙂 Chris and Maureen {Valley Eye Care} are also dealing with a lot of allergies related issues. Be sure that you get your eyes examined to be sure that it isn’t something more serious. As always VEC will reward new patient referrals with a $25 VEC gift card. Cori Ann {Heresco Chiropractic} is seeing a lot of “Spring Injuries” with people spending hours and hours in the garden, or getting a little over excited about playing outside. She strongly recommends taking it slow and easing back into your sunny weather activities… and drink plenty of water. Peg {Pathfinder Travel} says to never leave home without trip cancellation/interruption insurance! This insurance can help cover or refund expenses if you get sick or hurt before, during, or sometimes even after your trip. But it’s only available through a travel agent so go see Peg before hitting the open road. What’s one of the best things about summer? Yep, cooking outside! Susan {Let’s Get Comfortable Interior Design} is ready to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen for your to use and enjoy this summer. Shelley {Alta’s Antiques and Collectibles} can help you with spring cleaning… need to find a new home for some of your Grandma’s costume jewelry? Call Shelley. Dian {River Crossing Art Therapy} is getting ready to start another round of group sessions on April 23rd. Group sessions are 2 hrs and meet for 5 weeks. …it must be difficult this time of year for A&S Accounting. Ilene didn’t even get home until after 3am last night. But Tax Season calls and her office provides top-notch service to all of their clients. Karen {KidSpirit/Girls on the Run} will have her KidSpirit catalog online TOMORROW! She is also selling tickets (available online)for the Corvallis Half Marathon Pasta Feed that will benefit GOTR scholarships. Over the years Karen has maintained that every girl that wants to participate will get to regardless of if her family can pay for registration. Each girl is given a new pair of running shoes, a T-shirt, water bottle, and 10 weeks of 5K training & team building skills. Awesome!

Upcoming Events:

SATURDAY April 6th – Kaiwanis Pancake Breakfast 7:00am-11:00am Community Center 11th & Monroe, Corvallis. Nadine will be there cooking up GF pancakes and waffles!

SUNDAY April 14th – Feed the Needy Breakfast 11:00am-12:00pm (volunteers need to arrive between 10:00am-10:30am) Elks Lodge 9th & Grant, Corvallis.

For the business meeting we discussed ways to improve out blog and web presence …so get ready for more fun and helpful info. We also talked about how we, as a group, can connect better with each other. Years ago when the group was smaller we used to regularly gather for BBQs in our business’s parking lots, personal residence, and take trips to the beach together. Now that our group is bigger and busier we’ve decided to take a new pro-active approach to connecting and really learning about each other personally and professionally. So don’t be surprised if you see 2 or 3 ladies at lunch laughing and having fun. …that’s us. 🙂

Cori Ann also talked about how LinkedIn is making a come back in the professional world over Facebook. Here’s a quick blog post about what not to do on LinkedIn and how you can make the most of your account.

Until next week…

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