PEERS Meeting | Febrary 20th

Good… almost afternoon.

It was a semi eventful morning just getting in the doors for our PEERS meeting. The rain was coming down pretty heavily and most of us had to walk (or run) from the back of the parking lot to the front door. But the rain, just like the snow, wouldn’t deter us from our regular gathering. ūüôā

While a lot of areas in the Willamette Valley are experiencing some flooding it’s important to remember that the swelling of creeks and rivers can deliver a lot of healthy¬†nutrients to the soil. Christine (Red Stem) is working rain, snow, or shine to prune trees and get your gardens ready for spring planting. Let her help you if you want a bountiful harvest this fall! But if when you see the rain all you see if muddy feet and soggy dogs then perhaps it’s time to book VS Restoration & Carpet Cleaning for a visit to your home. Michelle V. reminded us today that you can book your carpet cleaning right on their website. …fancy. Or perhaps you’ll take the opportunity to brighten somebody’s day with a greeting card. Lori (Thank You People) is excited to open up her Etsy store over the weekend. You’ll be able to purchase her cards there as well as at Rice’s Pharmacy & Gift and the Book Bin. There’s only one better way to say thank you and that’s with a massage from Amy (Carefree Massage). Does a member of your family have a care-giver? Amy reminded us this morning that this demanding task can be very physically challenging and a massage is a great way to refresh the people who help take care of us.

Speaking of Rice’s, Stefanie is excited for spring holidays – St. Patrick’s Day + Mother’s Day, but isn’t so excited about the allergies that come with living in a lush valley. Spring can also be the time for new outdoor activities, like coaching a Girls¬†On The Run¬†team :hint hint::,¬†and there’s no better¬†way to make sure you’re prepared¬†than a new pair of sunglasses from Valley Eye Care, a fresh assessment and adjustment¬†from Cory Ann at Heresco Chiropractic, and the proper coverage from Jeff Mills State Farm Insurance. By this time of the year we all start craving that outdoor time. It’s not just for the activities, but for the Vitamin D and good things we get from the sun… ::cough::¬†which you can easily get by coaching a Girls On The Run team ::ahem::¬†Susan (Let’s Get Comfortable Interior Design) can help set up your home with better lighting by designing some new schemes that include full-spectrum bulbs.

If you’re not into all that outdoorsy-ness then you better get things spruced up around your house for all the indoor entertaining that you’re sure to be doing. Elaine with Simply Home Professionals is here to help with wall-paper striping, painting, or whatever your home needs to look its best! Then you can have Michelle B. over for an Arbonne party and get 35% off your first order (awesome), or Lora for an Initials Inc girls night (awesome), or even Shelley for a jewelry night full of sparkles and bling (again awesome)! But maybe a refresh isn’t what your home needs, maybe it’s time to move on to a new home that’s better suited to all the parties that you’re having. Well if a quick sell is what you need, contact Anne Fahy (Remax Integrity) and she will get your started on the path to a new home.

But sometimes, no matter the season, things just aren’t going well. Are you waiting for a refund on that vacation you had to cancel? …has it been 2 years? Peg W (Pathfinder Travel) finally¬†got the¬†full refund for her clients after 2 years of paperwork. …the important thing here is that they got it. Do you know your spouse’s mother’s middle name? Do you know how to spell it? If that didn’t make your head spin then you’re more prepared than most of us. But even so, this information is necessary, and¬†the most prepared families could use a hand when they’re¬†grieving. Barb at DeMoss-Durden will help you prepare all of the paperwork and make future arrangements so that your family doesn’t have to when the time comes.¬†To take the seriousness back down a notch… maybe you have to see the dentist, but you can’t find an office that has early enough appointments. The dental practice of Drs. Bugni, Laster, and Jensen is open early every Thursday just for you. Peg O would like to caution everyone from using a private or new company to wire funds domestically or internationally. Even a local bank with excellent customer service, like Citizens Bank, will not be able to help you recover those funds if the company isn’t reputable and “loses” your money. Domestic wires are only $15 and international wires $25 at Citizens! Since we’re talking about money let Ilene at A&S accounting save you some stress this spring (or really any time of year). Did you know that even if you can’t itemize on your federal taxes that you may still be able to on your state? Ilene can even look at past filings to get you a larger return based on inaccurate previous filings!

Today we had Amanda, newly reassigned to Forks & Corks Catering and The Vue, and Jess of JessBFit as our presenters.

Amanda started us off with a quick refresher on Forks & Corks Catering. Owner, Kate Lynch, used to be a member of our PEERS group, but business took off so well that she could no longer make it to our meetings. Forks & Corks Catering is a full-service,¬†off-premises catering company that serves the entire Willamette Valley. Kate and her team are ready to take on any event, big or small, to bring a delicious amount of flare and beauty to your wedding or event. We all can remember the colorful and creative displays that we’ve seen¬†when Forks & Corks is in charge of the catering and are excited to have them back in our group. Follow Forks & Corks Catering on facebook and instagram for current updates and fun photos ūüôā Amanda is also representing Kate’s newest venture – The Vue.
Just before the turn of the year Kate took over the management responsibilities at Corvallis’ newest wedding and events venue. It’s a match made in heaven. The Vue occupies the 5th & 6th floors of the Elements Building in Downtown Corvallis. Offering spectacular panoramic views of the Oregon Coast Range, The Vue is a modern space with a slight feel for industrial-chic that brings just the right amount of glamour to your event. From weddings to corporate events, holiday parties to fundraisers, this venue has everything you need to entertain your guests. Beautiful views and space aside, one of the favorite things that The Vue offers their clients is full set-up and break-down of the event. No more hanging out for hours before and¬†after your wedding or awesome surprise 60th birthday party¬†to take down tables and clean up. Nope, they’ll take care of that. Kate and her team want you to focus on having a wonderful time!

Forks & Corks and The Vue recently hosted an Open House event to show off what this venue has to offer. Amanda was there to photograph the event and was able to capture the elegance that is created when the best vendors team up for an celebration! Read more here. You can also follow The Vue on facebook and instagram!

Our next presenter was Jess of JessBFit. It can be a little bit difficult to write about Jess’ presentations because they tend to be very… demonstration based, and today was no different. Jess shared with us about a mindfulness and wellness based fitness system that she’s studying called MovNat (Move Naturally). We’re all aware of the whole foods movement happening with the way we eat, returning our diets to whole and basic foods that our bodies are ready to receive. This is the same idea, only with movement and fitness. MovNat is a progressive system, allowing¬†a person at¬†nearly any mobility level¬†to engage it. This combined with its focus on mindful, fluid, and practical¬†movement is something that appeals to Jess’ approach to exercise and fitness. Meeting people wherever they are, in terms of fitness and flexibility, to help them progress to higher goals something that Jess is known for among her clients. People often feel dread when it comes to exercise or going to the gym. Jess’ yoga and personal training is focused on setting short-term attainable goals week after week in order to reach longer term goals that once seemed impossible. You can check out some instructional videos that she made here.

Learning more about MovNat is taking Jess to PARIS, FRANCE in April (yep, we’re all jealous). We can’t wait to see what new skills she brings back to share with us.

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