PEERS Meeting April 19th @ Real Deals

Sorry that this post is a bit later than we’d like, but it’s here now so let’s get sharing. Last week (Thurs April 19) we had another hosted meeting at a local Corvallis business. We met at Real Deals; a home décor shop on the corner of Kings Blvd & Buchanan Ave (across from Fred Meyer).

Look for this sign at the corner of Kings & Buchanan

PEERS started the meeting with introductions and commercials; referrals and announcements. Kristin Bertilson from Queen B Organizing joined us for her second guest meeting {we really hope she joins our group :)} with more tips and ideas about how to keep yourself …and your business from gathering too much clutter. Several members were still working off sore muscles from the Corvallis Half-Marathon the weekend before {GREAT job Nadine, Lora, Karen M, Anne, & Karen S} and Karen S gave out more information on Sole Mates for her Girls on the Run program.
Real Deals {RD} is a regional franchise that sells a quickly rotating stock of home décor items. Mother-Daughter Owners Beth & Allie shared with us how RD got started in Jefferson, Georgia and also how they got their own store started right here in Corvallis. One of the principles of RD is that you’re only open 2 days per week. With most of the over 70 locations open only Thursday & Saturday RD can keep the overhead, and therefore the retail costs down. The only exception is the original store in Jefferson, GA “The Mothership” is open 6 days/week. Appropriately, RD has an “Obsession Statement” {rather than a Mission Statement} to: 1. Wow you with amazing (startling, classic, fresh, super-cute, hip) décor at prices that are too good to be true. 2. Prove that YOU are our favorite (most-valued, preferred, adored, best-looking) customer. 3. Create a unique (fabulous, dynamic, mind-blowing, jaw dropping) shopping experience you can’t wait to repeat.
We’re finally returning to our usual location for this week’s meeting.

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings please contact our president or one of our current members.

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