PEERS Meeting April 26th

Another lovely meeting with the ladies at PEERS on Thursday.

We were back at our home-location, but unfortunately we were missing a few people due to the Boys & Girls Club Annual Pancake Breakfast. {missed you guys}
A few small announcements & related topics in the news: Lora with Initials Inc has a great special going on right now. The insulated tote is only $22 {reg. $44} when you spend $35. A black one with orange monogramming would be perfect for the “Cool” Dad at his tailgaters. Nadine with the Gluten Free RN & RN On-Call shared Dr. Donohue’s article {link is to Dr. Donohue’s home paper} in the Gazette-Times {Thursday} about Celiac Disease. And Shelley of Alta’s Antiques & Collectibles has a new supply of vintage wedding cake decorations just in time for wedding season! Shelley currently sells her vintage jewelry and other pieces on Ebay and in local antique stores, but she’s thinking of also opening an Etsy store soon.

Office of Drs. Bugni, Laster, & Jensen earlier this year.

Our presenters were Mary & Janelle from the Dental office of Drs. Bugni, Laster, and Jensen.
Mary started us off with some helpful insights about dental care for elderly patients; mostly in terms of best treatment for damaged teeth and the changing face of dentistry. More patients over 65 are interested in cosmetic treatments as the Boomers are increasingly more active & social than the previous generations. In any case dentists are obligated to tell the patient about all the treatment options available and make a professional assessment about which option would work best for this individual patient. Mary then turned it over to Janelle for some education about electric toothbrushes. Did you know that most people only brush their teeth for 25 seconds? You’re suppose to brush for 2 full minutes {I really thought about this one with respect to my own habits…. yea, maybe 1 minute.}. This dental office particularly likes the Sonicare line of electric toothbrushes. Janelle passed around a few different models for us to look at and turn on. She went on to explain that part of why they’re so effective is that the sonic wave created by the brush pushes the water and toothpaste in between your teeth. Also, the strong vibrations help break up food that is stuck between teeth, as well as stains and build up.
Fun Fact: You can wash your regular tooth brush {or the head of your elec. toothbrush} in the dishwasher!
Lastly, both Janelle and Mary stressed the importance of flossing. FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS. Water picks are great and can also be used, but nothing is as effective or valuable as FLOSSING.
This week will be our monthly business meeting… so there might not be much to share.
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