PEERS Meeting – May 3rd

Today was our monthly Business Meeting at PEERS.

We started as usual with introductions and commercials. These meetings usually give us a little bit more time to “show & tell” during our commercials. Julie {Tobias Weiss Design} brought some paper samples and explained some of the differences and reasons why you might pick one over the other. Bonnie {Rice’s Pharmacy & Gift} usually brings a little something from the store to share, and today was no exception. She brought in some very stylish compact wallets in a couple colors. They’re always get new things in at Rice’s, so it’s a good idea to stop in regularly to see what’s in. Karen Swanger announced this year’s KidSpirit poster scavenger hunt. There are 5 different KidSpirit posters {for science, art, sports, etc} posted around Corvallis with a QRC square. Prizes await participants that find all of them. Nadine {RN On-Call} shared a recent scenario that stressed the importance of having a healthcare/emergency advocate. And Ondria {Balance Point Acupuncture} & Joni {Essentially Healed} both reminded all of us that allergy season is here, not that some of us needed reminding, and that both acupuncture & essential oils are helpful treatments. We live in the grass-seed capitol of the world… yea, there are allergies here.

There was quite a few topics to discuss for the new business aspect of our meeting – most of which will not be shared here.  But as a reminder we are actively seeking new members. If you or someone you know wants to find out if they would be a good fit for our group please read the “About PEERS” and “PEERS Meetings” sections and contact one of our members. 🙂 Some professions we would especially like to see in our group are hair stylist, esthetician, venue coordinator, videographer, retail/resale {ex. clothing}, marketing/social media management, florist, event planner, craft supplies {ex. yarn}, and restaurateur.

We get to have another guest host next week. We’re heading out to Julie’s house to visit her micro-farm and baby goats {called “kids”, who apparently like to jump on people}. Hopefully the weather will be cooperative and we’ll also be able to take a new group photo on her lovely property. 

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