PEERS Meeting – May 10th @ Julie’s Farm

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Willamette Valley and a perfect day to visit Julie’s micro farm.

Firstly, our group is sending positive thoughts and feelings to our friend & PEERS member Wendy Kidder {Clean Endings} and her family. Wendy has been fighting cancer for the last several months. This week she was scheduled to have her final chemo treatment when she came down with a cold that has since caused complications and she is currently in the ICU.  Wendy has been so strong through her cancer treatment and we are all pulling together now, as a group, to be strong for her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
Our meeting this morning started like all others with introductions and commercials. Some weeks everyone’s commercial seem to orbit around a certain topic. Today’s theme turned out to be customer service. Many of the businesses in PEERS are well established in our community; some of them with over 30 years experience. It should come as no surprise then that many of them have developed personal relationships with their clients and customers.  Peg with Citizens Bank – a community bank serving Benton, Linn, Lane and Yamhill counties in Oregon, has made customer service her #1 priority. Our hostess, Julie {Tobias-Weiss Design}, had newly designed bridal shower invitations to show us. A linen and lingerie theme made for a very cute invitation. Joni {Essentially Healed} brought some Peppermint Beadlets for us to try. A wonderful, natural way to perk yourself up at any time of day… and freshen your breath. Joni is passionate about using natural methods and treatments to help our bodies heal and stay strong. Our group actually has four members {Amy – Carefree Massage, Nadine – GF RN & RN On-Call, and Ondriah – Balance Point Acupuncture} that are here to help the community with their overall health needs. We’re a well taken care of group. 🙂 Anne Fahy {Remax Integrity} has shared the importance of preparing your home before listing it. She has always stressed that showing perspective buyers a home instead of an empty shell is critical to a quick and successful sale. Anne works very hard with her clients to give them the most effective and efficient service possible.  She shared today that while most agents had fewer than 5 transactions last year, she had over 20! Go Anne! Karen brought the summer course catalog for this year’s KidSpirit Summer Day-Camp. If you’d like more information about their program or Girls On The Run check here and here. She also brought the orders from her Initials Inc party that she hosted after the Corvallis Half Marathon back in Mid-April. …It was so fun to see what all the ladies in the group picked, including a HUGE hamper ordered by Lora that she’s going to use as a toy box. Amanda {Amanda Photographic} brought cards to showcase her services for the upcoming wedding season. The season is starting to ramp up and she’s already making plans for summer 2013!  And Ilene from A&S Accounting always reminds us that the IRS will never contact you by email. A&S Accounting is just one more business in Corvallis that is happy to help and answer questions any time of the year. All of the ladies and their businesses are proud members of the Corvallis community and are regularly involved in programs that make our little slice of Oregon a better place to live.
After the meeting we stepped outside to Julie’s mini-orchard for a new group photo! We were so excited to welcome back Tara to our group, although we were missing Kate and Wendy. Here’s the silly photo for now…

The ladies at PEERS can be pretty silly 🙂

Then it was visiting time with Julie’s new baby goats {kids} and walking around the property.

Our meeting location this week

Nadine taking her own photos of some goats.

Julie’s barn; complete with goats and chickens.

The tall grassy area is FULL of these purple flowers

Another photo of the barn. Oni says hello to one of the 6 baby goats


Mama goat and kid …he’s a jumper.

Oni with one of the younger babies 🙂

Hey, a goat!

…and another goat!

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could have a micro farm?

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