PEERS Meeting May 17th

A little bit late on the blog post, but hey that’s alright.

First we’d like to take beginning of this post to express our deep sadness and condolences over the loss of our friend and PEERS member Wendy Kidder. Our post for this week’s meeting will focus more on Wendy’s life and the impact her business, Clean Endings, made on the Corvallis community. We miss you Wendy.

There was a lot to talk about at our meeting last Thursday.
Some of our businesses and programs are ramping up for the summer! Karen from Girls On The Run has her season ending 5K run coming up on Saturday June 9th. This is a community event and everyone is welcome to join in on the festivities and cheer on our girls, as well the program is still in need of some sponsors and volunteers before their BIG day. Go here to sign up. Speaking of summer, Chris from Valley Eye Care reminded us to wear sunglasses on those bright days, especially on the little ones. to protect your eyes. Bonnie brought in some new spring items from Rice’s Pharmacy & Gift to pass around. And in Wendy’s honor Joni {Essentially Healed} shared that essential oils are not only for our bodies, but many of them are also excellent for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties when cleaning your home or office.
Our speakers on Thursday were Shelley and Ondria.
Shelley from Alta’s Antiques & Collectibles showed the group a wide selection of functional vintage jewelry. Everything from sweater clips to solid perfumes was on display. Shelley explained how very often the clothing that people wore in the before the 70s was more simple and plain because you were expected to dress it up (or down) with the appropriate jewelry and accessories for the occasion. Scarf clips, watch pins, dress clips, sweet heart jewelry from WWI & II, even ladies lipstick could function as a piece of jewelry. It was so fun, and sometimes funny, to see the items people used to wear. Shelley has been working with antiques and collectibles most of her life thanks to her parents who frequented antique stores, estate sales, and flea markets. So then it would make sense that for her the most difficult thing about getting dressed each morning is trying to decide what jewelry to wear. Shelley is available for home or office parties!
Ondria {Oni} from Balance Point Acupuncture decided to bring the focus of her presentation close to home and talk about acupuncture and grief.
An analogy that was recurring throughout her talk was how our bodies aren’t containers meant for holding in our emotions and energy. Instead, our bodies are like sponges. Our emotions and energy affect and change our sponge, but they pass-through, and are not held onto by it. Acupuncture can facilitate the movement and releasing of our energy in a focused and directed way. Oni explained that our internal organs are associated with different energy paths; the lungs, for example, are associated with grief. If a person is holding onto grief they may experience illness or stress in their lungs because the emotions and energy had nowhere to go. She also showed the group how to tap on our upper chests if we had low energy. How to push and massage our feet if we felt jumpy to bring us back to center and re-ground us. Lastly, Oni talked about reminding yourself that “…it’s ok to not be ok and still go on.” When you’re grieving, no you’re not ok, but that’s ok, and it’s ok to keep going.
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