PEERS Meeting | July 19th …and getting caught up.

Hello. It’s been a little while since we posted on this blog, but please know that it’s only because our businesses are boomin’!

To get you caught up a bit here are a few things that our members would like you to know:

Ilene {A&S Accounting} has noticed a large number of start-up businesses and non-profits being established in the Corvallis area. Peg W. {Pathfinder Travel} has some wonderful trips available for coupled or solo travelers. Mary {Drs. Laster, Bugni, & Jensen} wanted to remind everyone how important it is to have an established relationship with your dentist. Tara {Jeff Mills State Farm} told our group about new areas for flood zoning and reminded all the home-owners to review their policies. Joni {Essentially Healed} is busting out the Terra Shield essential oil blend for repelling mosquitoes… She hasn’t been bit yet this summer! Julie {Tobias Weiss Design} showed the group a number of different brochure styles and wants everyone to remember that they have lots of options.  Peg O. {Citizen’s Bank} reminded us that, especially in electronic services, events in one place can have effects on many people and systems. Bonnie {Rice’s Pharmacy & Gift} and the rest of the staff at the Pharmacy are focused first and foremost on excellent customer service. Amanda {Amanda Photographic} is ready for your class of 2013 students. Senior portrait season is here! Oni {Balance Point Acupuncture} has started a great referral program. 🙂 Anne {Remax Integrity} has noticed that well staged, prepared, and priced houses are FLYING off the market in Corvallis. Lora {Initials Inc} reminded us that July is the last month of the spring/summer catalog, but don’t worry she’s having an open house to show off the new one in August. Nadine {GF RN & RN On-Call} continues to share with us that Food Is Powerful. Lori {Thank You People} wants everyone to remember how important it is to show appreciation. Amy {Carefree Massage} reminded us that having regular massage will dramatically improve your overall quality of life.

I {the mysterious blog writer} will admit that I dropped the ball with our July 5th meeting post …meaning that I didn’t post. I was going to tell you, then, about a documentary that was going to show at the Darkside Cinema: “Fixing the Future”. It was a one night showing… last night. Sorry. AND I was also going to tell you about the “Buy Local Brunch” on July 7th. Sorry again. 😦 Both events had a GREAT turn out. If you went to either of these events please feel free to comment below and tell us all about it.

Today we met at Rice’s Pharmacy. It’s always a treat to be hosted by Bonnie and the enthusiastic staff there. One of the Pharmacists, Tom, gave a quick presentation about Rices’ new referral program. Next time you stop in to drop off/pick up a prescription don’t forget to take one of their referral cards. Put your name on the card and give it to a friend or family member for their first trip to Rice’s. When they turn it in with their new or transferred prescription both of you will get a $15 gift certificate! >>The only thing the gift card cannot be used on is a prescription.<< But that’s ok! Rice’s has a full store of unique gifts and helpful products. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. We welcomed Stephanie, Bonnie’s new dual member, and Elaine {Simply Home Professionals LLC} back for her second guest visit.

Until next week…

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