PEERS Meeting August 2nd

Hello everyone. 🙂 Sorry this is a little late… but here it is:

We had our monthly business meeting last week focusing on upcoming PEERS events {“Events?” you say… yea, we totally do fun stuff together}, scheduling the holiday days-off,   and bringing in new members.

Our meeting began, as it always does, with our individual 30-second commercials. Julie {Tobias Weiss Design} brought in a sample newsletter and spoke briefly about the benefits of using newsletters in your business marketing. Tara {Jeff Mills State Farm} reminded us that it’s that time of year to review your insurance policies. Peg {Citizens Bank} shared that being part of a community bank has many advantages like having a team (of staff) with decades of experience. Some team members at Citizens have been there since 1957! Joni {Essentially Healed} passed around a bottle of ‘Deep Blue’ for sore muscles and joints. Oni {Balance Point Acupuncture} reminded us that Acupuncture isn’t just for ailments, but that it’s also for relaxing & nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Lora {Initials Inc} brought in her NEW Fall catalog! …which Amanda promptly booked a party for (invitations to follow). Karen {KidSpirit & Girls on the Run} shared with the group about the tree that spontaneously fell in the OSU MU Quad. Many of her campers preferred to play under the 80-ft. oak tree, but by fortunate coincidence were on the other side of the lawn. Read the full article here. Amanda {Amanda Photographic} reminded everyone that it’s Senior Portrait Season. High school students with the class of 2013 need to get their senior portraits taken stat! Elizabeth {Valley Eye Care} talked about child eye-safety with the bright summer sun.

Our education committee is gearing up some good information to present to the group for some of our upcoming business meetings. If you’re a woman in business, whether you own your own business or would like to represent your employer, and you would like to be a guest at a PEERS meeting please contact our President, Nadine Grzeskowiak {Gluten Free RN & RN On-Call}. If you already know one of our current members you may also contact them about sponsoring your attendance.

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