PEERS Meeting March 13th

I know that it’s almost time for our next meeting already, but it’s still important that I tell you what happened last week… especially since we had a guest speaker. 🙂

Peg at Citizens Bank was excited to tell us about the opening of a new branch in Tualatin – this branch will be employed solely by loan officers who can help you with all your banking needs. Speaking of financial needs are you ready for the big April 15th deadline? If you’re having trouble filing your 2013 taxes don’t delay in getting help. Ilene [A&S Accounting] and her staff are working nearly around the clock to get everything prepared in time. Maybe all that money talk is making you tense. Sounds like a good excuse to get a massage from Amy [Carefree Massage]. She uses organic coconut oil for it’s smooth and non-irritating qualities.

Christine [Red Stem] is getting geared up for SPRING! Like many of us, she sees a big boost in business as the temperatures warm up and the sun comes out to play. You should already have your fruit trees pruned and be preparing your garden plot over the next couple weeks. GO! Spring leads to summer and that leads to weddings 🙂 The Vue still has some open Saturdays for 2014 – Call Kate to reserve your perfect sunset wedding. Forks & Corks Catering is also looking to fill some remaining summer dates. If you’re lucky you could get Kate for both of these services!  The change over from winner to spring also means that you can exercise outside (or under cover at the park) and not at the gym says Jess of JessBFit. Her fitness and yoga classes will get your prepared for your summer adventures. On that note: Girls On The Run is starting this week with 510 girls registered so far!!! WOW, they’re officially serving EVERY school in Benton County as well as schools in Linn, Lane, Marion, and Polk Counties.

When you think of designers do you think of someone who just tries to impose their own style on your space? Well that’s not how Susan [Let’s Get Comfortable] works. She uses her knowledge, training, and techniques to help you bring out YOUR style in YOUR space. Chris from Valley Eye Care wants you to beware of “Online Eye Exams”. The American Optometric Association (AOA) is also concerned about the risk regarding proper diagnosis and treatment of patients who receive delayed or improper care because of this false claim. You cannot have an eye exam without a Doctor of Optometry (OD) or an Ophthalmologist physically examining your eyes. In another area of the medial world Cory Ann [Heresco Chiropractic] is here to relieve pain, tension, and pressure for all the expecting mamas in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Do your partner a favor and take her to see Cory Ann her back and neck will thank you. 🙂 Maybe before it’s baby time you should contact Peg at Pathfinder Travel for the getaway of a lifetime. There are some seriously good deals happening right now that you can only get through your travel agent. Do it!

At this meeting we were lucky enough to have Barb from the Linn-Benton Community College‘s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) join us for a brief talk about their services and classes. A mostly grant funded program, the SBDC offers top business advice through their mentorship program, market research center, and classes. The SBDC uses a model of Idea, Explore, Launch, Stabilize, Grow, and Exit to describe the life cycle of a small business. They have topic specific seminars dedicated to each of these steps as well as 10 week classes to move you through the beginning processes to launch your own business. The MicroEnterprise series has been very successful and spawned the beginning of GROW Oregon (as well as two county specific GROW Benton and GROW Linn) to specifically help Oregon based businesses thrive in any economy. Many of their services are free to community members or on a sliding scale. Some classes are even directed at low-income families to help them explore business opportunities and check their feasibility before investing. Many of our favorite local businesses, and PEERS members, have participated in one or more of the SBDC classes or taken advantage of their services.

Our PEERS presenter was new member Michaela of Michaela’s Counseling. She gave us a general overview of her practice since she is new to us and opened the floor to Q&A. Michaela mostly works with people dealing with varying types of trauma. The emotional aspect of trauma is very complicated and can lay dormant under the surface for years after the event(s). Often the people that seek counseling lack the skill and tools to handle such experiences through not enough or too much nurturing in their formative years. Parents play a critical and delicate roll in the lives of their children. While we want to protect our children from harm and uncomfortable situations/feelings, keeping them from any struggle, challenge, or failure can leave them with zero coping skills as young/grown adults. They may be completely overwhelmed by they slightest unfairness or failure. On the other hand, not enough nurturing can leave children feeling helpless, unsupported, and abandoned. They might never take necessary risks as young adults because the risk seems too large when facing it alone. These same over or under nurtured people may also be highly sensitive. Presenting as hyper-emotional, numb, or with bullying (so sensitive that they have to control everything). When these people are part of a couple in need of counseling Michaela likes to work with them as individuals as well. Establishing common goals, boundaries, tool development all while maintaining each individuals integrity.

Michaela does not currently accept insurance and works with self-pay clients only. She does have a few slots (nearly at wait-list capacity) for her sliding-scale and offers a student discount.

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