PEERS Meeting April 3rd

Ok so this post is week late, but in this case I will say “Better late than never”.  …which reminds me of this Golden Girls scene. Silly Blanche.tumblr_mq28ojlBda1s8hnhko1_500


We had a lovely business meeting last week and will promptly share this week’s fun with you also. Christine is ready for SPRING! She has hired 3 new employees at Red Stem to help manage the heavy work load of bringing back your lawn and gardens. Girls On The Run is getting ready for their Annual Pasta Feed to help fund scholarships and the 3rd-5th grade girls have just started training for their season ending 5K. Speaking of running… the Corvallis Half-Marathon is coming up on April 13th and Cory Ann [Heresco Chiropractic] has been seeing A LOT of training related injuries. Maybe some of those folks need to get together with Jess [JessBFit], but they’ll have to hurry because she’s leaving for PARIS!!! Don’t worry she’ll be back.

Have you ever wanted to spend some time on a tugboat? Well here’s your chance: Westwind Tugboat Adventures! Peg from Pathfinder Travel has a great deal for you and will ensure that you have the best experience. But before you head off for a wonderful boating adventure make sure you see Oni [Balance Point Acupuncture] for some pins. Seasonal allergies that get out of hand can ruin even the best trip. 😦 Perhaps spending days on end on a tugboat isn’t your style. How about a girls night with Shelley [Altas Antiques], Lora [Inintials Inc], Michelle B. [Arbonne International]? Forks & Corks Catering would love to help you host with tasty treats and taking care of all the dishes. Need a location? Make it an event to remember with the panoramic view at The Vue in Downtown Corvallis. 031414 Headshots-7_WEB 012314 Vue Open House 0124_WEB

We have so many PEERS members that make great teams to serve our community. Anne Fahy [Remax Integrity] and Peg O [Citizens Bank] can help people with difficult situations find a house and mortgage plan that works for them. If you’re looking to sell your home Anne also work with Elaine Forrest [Simply Home Professionals] to prepare houses that need a little TLC for market and Michelle V [VS Restoration] is here with the finishing touch of freshly cleaned tile, carpet, grout, and ducts.  Now that I start thinking about it we have several members that can directly improve the quality of life you have in your home. …I guess we just really like making sure that people are happy where they live. 🙂

For the young Chris [Valley Eye Care] wants to remind everyone that a baby’s first eye exam is at 6 months – and it’s FREE! There are so many eye and vision issues that can be helped or corrected when caught early. Mary  and Janelle encourage everyone to establish good dental habits with their children by bringing them in every year for a check up. The dentist office shouldn’t be a scary place… Drs. Bugni, Laster, and Jensen are really nice. And for people of any age, but especially the older we get, Dian [dual member for Demoss-Durdan Funeral Services] reminded us all to plan ahead as much as possible. It’s a relief for your family and loved ones to be able to focus on supporting each other, rather than trying to sort out what they think you would have wanted.

On the business end of our business meeting we mostly discussed recruiting new PEERS members. So this is our call to action for all you ladies out there!!! If you would like to represent your own business or your employer in our lively group of women in business then please read our PEERS Meetings and About PEERS sections for more info. If you’re unsure if your business conflicts with another existing member please do not hesitate to contact our president Oni Holub – or our vice president Cory Ann Imhof– We would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to hear from you. …especially you younger ladies! Don’t be scared of the early hour, we’ll make it worth your while. 🙂

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