JessBFit- Find your true potential

I believe everyone has the ability to move well. At JessBFit I help people explore their potential and challenge their beliefs about fitness.

Everyone has the inherent ability to move well, feel strong, and be able to accomplish the things they need and want during their lifetime. Many people achieve fitness at the gym. But, working out at the gym is not for everyone. I strive to help people in that latter category get fit in their homes, in parks, on trails, at their office, and in playgrounds. I draw from a variety of training practices and experience in outdoor physical activity to design creative, fun and adaptable programs for individuals and groups to improve their overall fitness. Many clients come to me after injury, in pain, discouraged by their bodies, or bored with their normal fitness routine. I work with each one to design a plan to help move them forward, taking into account the things they like to do and the lifestyle they currently live.

One element of my training that has enabled me to develop effective programming for lots of different people is MovNat. MovNat is a system of teaching movement that is based on a handful of primal movement patterns, like crawling, walking and carrying. By teaching people how to move their bodies well, I am able to open doors to more complex and challenging movements. I teach mindfulness as we move, developing a strong sense of confidence in their ability to adapt and react to new environments. They quickly see familiar patterns from our classes emerge in their everyday life, like lifting and carrying construction equipment, climbing over a fence, and lifting their grandchildren.

The benefits of this training go much deeper. Better balance leads to an increased self of self-efficacy (yeah, I can do that!). Better mobility means better quality movement when lifting, carrying, and running so as to prevent injury. Better breathing and posture also increases confidence, and can reduce back pain. Students working in groups develop connections with each other, helping each other, noticing the progress and achievements of their peers.

If this type of exercise and training speaks to you. If you hate the gym, love the out doors and want to move better, live stronger and achieve your true potential call Jess Beauchemin at JessBFit Personal Training and Yoga. (503) 446-0803


About drimhof

A family chiropractic physician located in historic downtown Gresham east of Portland OR. My practice focuses on helping people recover from injuries caused by accidents, chronic disease, and poor lifestyle choices. I love organic gardening, hiking and taking long nature walks 5-6 times per week. My goal each day is not only relieve my patients pain but to gently guide them to make healthy choices toward life long wellness and vitality.
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