Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage… for your cat… an integrative approach for your feline friends.

Ever wonder if conventional medicine is really the best approach for your health? How about your pet’s health?

Conventional medicine can certainly be a life saver and has its place, but for treating chronic conditions there are often better solutions. How about veterinary chiropractic care for pain management? Chinese herbal medicine to support organ function in the face of age related decline? Homeopathic remedies to bolster your cat’s immune system against a viral infection? The options can be overwhelming! This is why we practice integrative medicine at Corvallis Cat Care. Integrative medicine is the practice of combining conventional medicine with other modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, or chiropractic care. When you visit the doctors at Corvallis Cat Care, you know they have your pet’s best interest in mind, whether you are bringing your cat to see us in our 4th animal friend.

We will assess your pet and discuss your options with you, options that could range from a pharmaceutical intervention to an essential oil blend. Depending on the condition and the pet’s own preferences we can design a custom treatment plan for you that fits everyone’s needs. You can rest assured knowing that the most beneficial options available will be presented without having to worry about choosing the right modality yourself. If you have a preference for a particular form of treatment, whether conventional or alternative medicine, we will honor that and help you select the best treatments available as required by your pet.

If this sounds like the kind of approach that you want for your furry friends, contact today! 541-753-2287

About drimhof

A family chiropractic physician located in historic downtown Gresham east of Portland OR. My practice focuses on helping people recover from injuries caused by accidents, chronic disease, and poor lifestyle choices. I love organic gardening, hiking and taking long nature walks 5-6 times per week. My goal each day is not only relieve my patients pain but to gently guide them to make healthy choices toward life long wellness and vitality.
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