Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage… for your cat… an integrative approach for your feline friends.

Ever wonder if conventional medicine is really the best approach for your health? How about your pet’s health?

Conventional medicine can certainly be a life saver and has its place, but for treating chronic conditions there are often better solutions. How about veterinary chiropractic care for pain management? Chinese herbal medicine to support organ function in the face of age related decline? Homeopathic remedies to bolster your cat’s immune system against a viral infection? The options can be overwhelming! This is why we practice integrative medicine at Corvallis Cat Care. Integrative medicine is the practice of combining conventional medicine with other modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, or chiropractic care. When you visit the doctors at Corvallis Cat Care, you know they have your pet’s best interest in mind, whether you are bringing your cat to see us in our 4th animal friend.

We will assess your pet and discuss your options with you, options that could range from a pharmaceutical intervention to an essential oil blend. Depending on the condition and the pet’s own preferences we can design a custom treatment plan for you that fits everyone’s needs. You can rest assured knowing that the most beneficial options available will be presented without having to worry about choosing the right modality yourself. If you have a preference for a particular form of treatment, whether conventional or alternative medicine, we will honor that and help you select the best treatments available as required by your pet.

If this sounds like the kind of approach that you want for your furry friends, contact today! 541-753-2287

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JessBFit- Find your true potential

I believe everyone has the ability to move well. At JessBFit I help people explore their potential and challenge their beliefs about fitness.

Everyone has the inherent ability to move well, feel strong, and be able to accomplish the things they need and want during their lifetime. Many people achieve fitness at the gym. But, working out at the gym is not for everyone. I strive to help people in that latter category get fit in their homes, in parks, on trails, at their office, and in playgrounds. I draw from a variety of training practices and experience in outdoor physical activity to design creative, fun and adaptable programs for individuals and groups to improve their overall fitness. Many clients come to me after injury, in pain, discouraged by their bodies, or bored with their normal fitness routine. I work with each one to design a plan to help move them forward, taking into account the things they like to do and the lifestyle they currently live.

One element of my training that has enabled me to develop effective programming for lots of different people is MovNat. MovNat is a system of teaching movement that is based on a handful of primal movement patterns, like crawling, walking and carrying. By teaching people how to move their bodies well, I am able to open doors to more complex and challenging movements. I teach mindfulness as we move, developing a strong sense of confidence in their ability to adapt and react to new environments. They quickly see familiar patterns from our classes emerge in their everyday life, like lifting and carrying construction equipment, climbing over a fence, and lifting their grandchildren.

The benefits of this training go much deeper. Better balance leads to an increased self of self-efficacy (yeah, I can do that!). Better mobility means better quality movement when lifting, carrying, and running so as to prevent injury. Better breathing and posture also increases confidence, and can reduce back pain. Students working in groups develop connections with each other, helping each other, noticing the progress and achievements of their peers.

If this type of exercise and training speaks to you. If you hate the gym, love the out doors and want to move better, live stronger and achieve your true potential call Jess Beauchemin at JessBFit Personal Training and Yoga. (503) 446-0803


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Simple, Green burial for me…

October marks the end of any remnants of summer and officially rings in the holiday season, the 90 day count down to Christmas has begun. Change is in the air. Many are thinking about change this season and as 2015 approaches, interesting conversations come up… especially in my family. My mother updates her will and burial requests 2-3 times a year. Recently, she told me she wants a simple, green, natural burial… that’s what she feels most comfortable with at this point. She is one of the multitude of baby boomers that will turn 65 this year. That’s right, if you were born in 1950 you will by a part of the massive bell curve bonanza of folks hitting 65 like a ton of bricks! Burials plans, mausoleums, family plots, headstones and crematoriums are a hot topic for the 55 and older crowd these days. Ellen McCarthy, of the Washington Post recently wrote that more and more environmentally conscious baby boomers are “Going Green” with their end of life plans. The 60’s are still alive and a non-invasive, filled with love, all natural burial is very popular these days. Many folks aging into retirement want a no-fuss funeral under a beautiful tree or in a rose garden. “Wrap me in a clean sheet and bury me under a tree. Don’t bother with expensive, toxic embalming chemicals.” Some say.. “Return me to the earth from whence I came… ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and all that…” literally, that’s what many retirees want when they pass peacefully on to the next stage. One young woman wrapped her mother in a saffron, silken shroud and buried her in a wicker casket lined with lavender.  She hoped the all natural fiber ritual would please her earth conscious mom and help her pass on  peacefully.

Here in Corvallis, Oregon, we are renowned for our eco-friendly culture and above average life-span. Green living runs deep here. We recycle, eat local, organic, sustainable and humanely raised and will travel long distances for happy healthy chicken eggs. Death is no different for this community. We want to be conscientious of the earth and compassionate toward our loved ones when we pass after a long and fruitful life. We know where we are going and we want to leave a small green foot print behind when we go.

If you are looking for a compassionate funeral home that can help you plan your funeral the way you would like it to be go see Barb Bang out DeMoss-Durdan Funeral Home and Crematory As a family owned, licensed funeral home in Corvallis for more than 100 years, DeMoss-Durdan Funeral Home and Crematory has developed a reputation for caring and dignified funeral service in this community.  They offer ALL preservation/ cremation options from green, eco-friendly to traditional burial funerals and celebrations of life services; complete pre-arrangements and pre-financing services.  Their on-site crematory ensures that your loved one stays in their care until they give them back to you, their family. Their staff specializes in brief, straightforward arrangement conferences so you can spend more of your precious time in the comfort of family and friends. Give Barb a call at (541) 754-6255  and plan how you would like to be returned to the earth.

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Welcome New Members!

With the new fall colors popping up all over Corvallis I would like to take a moment to welcome our new members to PEERS. We have grown rapidly in the past 3 months and we are so happy to incorporate three new businesses.

Elizabeth Schroff has joined our group and is representing her husband, Rick Schroff and Farmers Insurance.  Rick and Elizabeth  feel that as your personal agent, they believe in keeping you informed and aware of Farmers® insurance products. It is their mission to help each customer develop the right plans to meet their personal and professional insurance needs. Personally, I know Rick and Elizabeth to be dedicated and knowledgeable and to possess a tireless work ethic. They are also fabulous cooks and have a passion to selflessly serve this community and its needs. 

To speak with Rick and Elizabeth about your insurance needs go to

A long time friend has joined our group, Leading Floral.  They are a local Corvallis, Oregon florist that has proudly served the area since 1917. Their shop offers a lovely variety of fresh flowers and creative gift ideas to suit any style or budget. They are happy to assist customers with any local, as well as worldwide deliveries. If your neighbor down the street needs a pick-me-up on a bad day, or you want to surprise your sister with a custom bouquet they will work tirelessly to get it just right. They can match sorority colors for confirmation, build a masterpiece for your mother with all her favorite flowers, and will personally call you and re-deliver your order when a friend has been discharged from the hospital and is resting at home. You can be sure your gifts and flowers will get to the right place. If no one is home, they won’t just ring the bell and walk away. They call later to make sure the flowers were found and everyone is happy.

To place an order with Leading Floral online 24 hours a day go to

Finally, a purrrfect new member for our group, Dr. Erika Raines with Corvallis Cat Care. She is the veterinarian that almost wasn’t. After a brief crisis of personal mission in the first year of veterinary school, her career was saved by rediscovering Traditional Chinese Medicine and the amazing things that it can offer to our furry patients. She received her veterinary degree from Oregon State University in 2010 and has since become a certified veterinary acupuncturist, certified veterinary spinal manipulative therapist (animal chiropractor), certified veterinary tui-na (Chinese massage) therapist, and has taken a course in Chinese food medicine for pets. She also has integrated Chinese herbal medicine into her practice since the beginning. She has chosen to learn so many modalities because she is committed to creative integrative and complementary solutions for your pet’s health. Her goal is to provide solutions that work for your pet and for you. She understands the need for compassion and flexibility in feline medical care. Dr. Raines’ her clients have commented that they appreciate her calming presence when they are facing a crisis or difficult decisions with their pet.

Schedule an appointment for your cat with Dr. Raines today. Visit her at

I feel so blessed to welcome these fabulous ladies to our group. PEERS is about women helping women achieve success in business through an encouraging, supportive professional environment. We all work hard to help each other succeed. If you, or someone you know might fit in well in our group please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a visit to our group. Happy Fall.

Keep on smiling,

Cory Ann Imhof, President

Chiropractor at Heresco Chiropractic Clinic.

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PEERS Meeting April 10th

Good afternoon everyone!

It is BEAUTIFUL outside today and it’s only looking to get better through the weekend. 🙂

Well spring is here, hopefully to stay this time, and that means lots of activities are getting started. Valley Eye Care is gearing up for their annual Sun Show May 12th-19th. This is a great time to get a new pair of prescription (or non) sunglasses. Gotta protect those eyes! Christine [Red Stem] is in full garden and yard maintenance swing. If you’re looking to get some help this summer, better call her now before she’s all booked out. Susan [Let’s Get Comfortable] is looking for just the right client: Someone who is ready to make changes in their home or office and wants to collaborate with a design professional to make their space more comfortable. Speaking of making positive changes – It’s time to schedule a party with Michelle B [Arbonne International] for the best, cleanest, and eco-friendliest beauty products, supplements, and nutrition products to help yourself feel great this spring! …and who doesn’t want 35% off their first order?!


Do you think of cleaning when you think of spring? Michelle V at VS Restoration is ready to book your first …or maybe second if you have muddy fur babies, carpet cleaning of the year. VS Restoration as specializes in duct cleaning, which is very important for maintaining good air quality and minimizing fire hazards. Or maybe spring makes you think of taxes. Wha-wha. Yea, taxes are no fun, but fortunately you can still give yours over to Ilene at A&S Accounting. Her amazing staff will make sure that you get the best refund and that you’re covering all your financial bases. On that financial note did you know that local banks provide 325% MORE funding to small businesses than large national banks? April is Community Bank Awareness Month and we love our local community bank Citizens Bank! Maybe spring gets you thinking ahead to summer and travel. Don’t forget to use Peg at Pathfinder Travel. When things get crazy she’ll be there to sort out your travel plans, flights, and accommodations so that you can continue enjoying your vacation or get home on time from your business trip.

Spring is also when folks start getting excited for summer weddings! Amanda and Kate with Forks & Corks Catering and The Vue are pumped for wedding season 2014 🙂 Forks & Corks is a full service catering company that brings delicious appetizers, buffets, plated dinners, and desserts to all of your special occasions. Kate also manages The Vue – Corvallis, and the Willamette Valley’s, most contemporary all-seasons wedding and event venue! Let them help you say “I DO!” without worrying if the fruit punch is getting warm. But if your wedding planning is getting a little overwhelming then perhaps it’s time for a massage from Amy [Carefree Massage], or an adjustment from Cory Ann [Heresco Chiropractic], or building some better self-soothing tools with Michaela [Michaela’s Counseling]. Did you know that most people reinforce their fears or anxiety with mental pictures? Let Michaela help you turn those anxious or scary scenes into calm and positive imagery.

Our first presenter today was Anne Fahy with Remax Integrity.

Anne went first and decided that her time would be more of a Q&A session. There were lots of questions about foreclosures, short sales, sheriff sales, tax liens, reverse mortgages, trying to sell your house on your own, and what it means to pre-qualify a potential buyer. Anne has been a successful Realtor, even when the housing market crashed Anne managed to continue selling homes – this can be credited to her extensive experience and being willing to work hard for her clients. The number of referrals she gets from past clients, as well as our PEERS group, is testament enough to her skill and care.

“Anne was amazing to work with. My fiancé and I are first time home owners now thanks to Anne! She helped us through all of the steps we needed and provided us with written information to read through ahead of time to help us figure out the next steps. We were able to text her whenever we had questions and received very prompt responses! She even took time on a Sunday to show us the house a second time so that my parents could be involved with our decision making process. I honestly feel that she is the reason we were able to get this house. It was only listed for five days before we put in our offer! We owe her so much and couldn’t imagine having gone through the extensive process of buying a home without her to guide us!”  -online testimonial

If you’re looking to buy or sell contact The Fahy Team for a wonderful experience.

Our second presenter today was Lora with Initials Inc.

Lora always brings fun samples to show us during her presentations. Having two growing daughters she is busy with A LOT of activities. All of her Initials Inc products help keep her mobile, organized, and fashionable at a great price! Everything from weekend road trips, pool or beach time, arts & crafts, school backpacks and lunch boxes… plus cute purses and cosmetic cases. It’s also a fun way to get together with your girlfriends – gather at one of your houses, open some wine, and SHOP! What more could you ask for?

images (1)_WEB

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PEERS Meeting April 3rd

Ok so this post is week late, but in this case I will say “Better late than never”.  …which reminds me of this Golden Girls scene. Silly Blanche.tumblr_mq28ojlBda1s8hnhko1_500


We had a lovely business meeting last week and will promptly share this week’s fun with you also. Christine is ready for SPRING! She has hired 3 new employees at Red Stem to help manage the heavy work load of bringing back your lawn and gardens. Girls On The Run is getting ready for their Annual Pasta Feed to help fund scholarships and the 3rd-5th grade girls have just started training for their season ending 5K. Speaking of running… the Corvallis Half-Marathon is coming up on April 13th and Cory Ann [Heresco Chiropractic] has been seeing A LOT of training related injuries. Maybe some of those folks need to get together with Jess [JessBFit], but they’ll have to hurry because she’s leaving for PARIS!!! Don’t worry she’ll be back.

Have you ever wanted to spend some time on a tugboat? Well here’s your chance: Westwind Tugboat Adventures! Peg from Pathfinder Travel has a great deal for you and will ensure that you have the best experience. But before you head off for a wonderful boating adventure make sure you see Oni [Balance Point Acupuncture] for some pins. Seasonal allergies that get out of hand can ruin even the best trip. 😦 Perhaps spending days on end on a tugboat isn’t your style. How about a girls night with Shelley [Altas Antiques], Lora [Inintials Inc], Michelle B. [Arbonne International]? Forks & Corks Catering would love to help you host with tasty treats and taking care of all the dishes. Need a location? Make it an event to remember with the panoramic view at The Vue in Downtown Corvallis. 031414 Headshots-7_WEB 012314 Vue Open House 0124_WEB

We have so many PEERS members that make great teams to serve our community. Anne Fahy [Remax Integrity] and Peg O [Citizens Bank] can help people with difficult situations find a house and mortgage plan that works for them. If you’re looking to sell your home Anne also work with Elaine Forrest [Simply Home Professionals] to prepare houses that need a little TLC for market and Michelle V [VS Restoration] is here with the finishing touch of freshly cleaned tile, carpet, grout, and ducts.  Now that I start thinking about it we have several members that can directly improve the quality of life you have in your home. …I guess we just really like making sure that people are happy where they live. 🙂

For the young Chris [Valley Eye Care] wants to remind everyone that a baby’s first eye exam is at 6 months – and it’s FREE! There are so many eye and vision issues that can be helped or corrected when caught early. Mary  and Janelle encourage everyone to establish good dental habits with their children by bringing them in every year for a check up. The dentist office shouldn’t be a scary place… Drs. Bugni, Laster, and Jensen are really nice. And for people of any age, but especially the older we get, Dian [dual member for Demoss-Durdan Funeral Services] reminded us all to plan ahead as much as possible. It’s a relief for your family and loved ones to be able to focus on supporting each other, rather than trying to sort out what they think you would have wanted.

On the business end of our business meeting we mostly discussed recruiting new PEERS members. So this is our call to action for all you ladies out there!!! If you would like to represent your own business or your employer in our lively group of women in business then please read our PEERS Meetings and About PEERS sections for more info. If you’re unsure if your business conflicts with another existing member please do not hesitate to contact our president Oni Holub – or our vice president Cory Ann Imhof– We would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to hear from you. …especially you younger ladies! Don’t be scared of the early hour, we’ll make it worth your while. 🙂

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PEERS Meeting March 13th

I know that it’s almost time for our next meeting already, but it’s still important that I tell you what happened last week… especially since we had a guest speaker. 🙂

Peg at Citizens Bank was excited to tell us about the opening of a new branch in Tualatin – this branch will be employed solely by loan officers who can help you with all your banking needs. Speaking of financial needs are you ready for the big April 15th deadline? If you’re having trouble filing your 2013 taxes don’t delay in getting help. Ilene [A&S Accounting] and her staff are working nearly around the clock to get everything prepared in time. Maybe all that money talk is making you tense. Sounds like a good excuse to get a massage from Amy [Carefree Massage]. She uses organic coconut oil for it’s smooth and non-irritating qualities.

Christine [Red Stem] is getting geared up for SPRING! Like many of us, she sees a big boost in business as the temperatures warm up and the sun comes out to play. You should already have your fruit trees pruned and be preparing your garden plot over the next couple weeks. GO! Spring leads to summer and that leads to weddings 🙂 The Vue still has some open Saturdays for 2014 – Call Kate to reserve your perfect sunset wedding. Forks & Corks Catering is also looking to fill some remaining summer dates. If you’re lucky you could get Kate for both of these services!  The change over from winner to spring also means that you can exercise outside (or under cover at the park) and not at the gym says Jess of JessBFit. Her fitness and yoga classes will get your prepared for your summer adventures. On that note: Girls On The Run is starting this week with 510 girls registered so far!!! WOW, they’re officially serving EVERY school in Benton County as well as schools in Linn, Lane, Marion, and Polk Counties.

When you think of designers do you think of someone who just tries to impose their own style on your space? Well that’s not how Susan [Let’s Get Comfortable] works. She uses her knowledge, training, and techniques to help you bring out YOUR style in YOUR space. Chris from Valley Eye Care wants you to beware of “Online Eye Exams”. The American Optometric Association (AOA) is also concerned about the risk regarding proper diagnosis and treatment of patients who receive delayed or improper care because of this false claim. You cannot have an eye exam without a Doctor of Optometry (OD) or an Ophthalmologist physically examining your eyes. In another area of the medial world Cory Ann [Heresco Chiropractic] is here to relieve pain, tension, and pressure for all the expecting mamas in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Do your partner a favor and take her to see Cory Ann her back and neck will thank you. 🙂 Maybe before it’s baby time you should contact Peg at Pathfinder Travel for the getaway of a lifetime. There are some seriously good deals happening right now that you can only get through your travel agent. Do it!

At this meeting we were lucky enough to have Barb from the Linn-Benton Community College‘s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) join us for a brief talk about their services and classes. A mostly grant funded program, the SBDC offers top business advice through their mentorship program, market research center, and classes. The SBDC uses a model of Idea, Explore, Launch, Stabilize, Grow, and Exit to describe the life cycle of a small business. They have topic specific seminars dedicated to each of these steps as well as 10 week classes to move you through the beginning processes to launch your own business. The MicroEnterprise series has been very successful and spawned the beginning of GROW Oregon (as well as two county specific GROW Benton and GROW Linn) to specifically help Oregon based businesses thrive in any economy. Many of their services are free to community members or on a sliding scale. Some classes are even directed at low-income families to help them explore business opportunities and check their feasibility before investing. Many of our favorite local businesses, and PEERS members, have participated in one or more of the SBDC classes or taken advantage of their services.

Our PEERS presenter was new member Michaela of Michaela’s Counseling. She gave us a general overview of her practice since she is new to us and opened the floor to Q&A. Michaela mostly works with people dealing with varying types of trauma. The emotional aspect of trauma is very complicated and can lay dormant under the surface for years after the event(s). Often the people that seek counseling lack the skill and tools to handle such experiences through not enough or too much nurturing in their formative years. Parents play a critical and delicate roll in the lives of their children. While we want to protect our children from harm and uncomfortable situations/feelings, keeping them from any struggle, challenge, or failure can leave them with zero coping skills as young/grown adults. They may be completely overwhelmed by they slightest unfairness or failure. On the other hand, not enough nurturing can leave children feeling helpless, unsupported, and abandoned. They might never take necessary risks as young adults because the risk seems too large when facing it alone. These same over or under nurtured people may also be highly sensitive. Presenting as hyper-emotional, numb, or with bullying (so sensitive that they have to control everything). When these people are part of a couple in need of counseling Michaela likes to work with them as individuals as well. Establishing common goals, boundaries, tool development all while maintaining each individuals integrity.

Michaela does not currently accept insurance and works with self-pay clients only. She does have a few slots (nearly at wait-list capacity) for her sliding-scale and offers a student discount.

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